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Why the name ‘Sycamore Grove’?

Being a mother to three small children, I am often reminded of the story of Zacchaeus and the Sycamore tree. I really love this story for many reasons, but first, because Zacchaeus did what he needed to do to fix his eyes on Jesus. He could not see Jesus above the crowd, so he climbed the Sycamore to see a glimpse of Him. I love that, and I hope to emulate that in this life. The next thing that I love about the story is that once Jesus called Zacchaeus down to talk with Him, Zacchaeus promptly professed his desire to give back to others. And not only to people that he may have cheated as a tax collector, but to any in need. These are two principles that I want to follow in this life, and with my store. I hope to continually keep my eyes on Him, and always remember to give back. The name Sycamore Grove is my constant reminder to follow and serve.