Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

Poor Thanksgiving. It just doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's a great holiday, all about being thankful for friends and family and the blessings in your life. But as soon as the leftovers are in the fridge, it's time to bring out the Christmas décor.

So it's easy to see how fall decorating gets ignored. Is it worth the effort? Is there enough time to enjoy what I've done? Do I actually even want a cornucopia?

But it can be easy to transition from one holiday to the next and still get to enjoy each season individually. I have a few inspiration pictures to share, and how to make them work in your own home. I know Thanksgiving is this week, but these can be quick; many of the items can be picked up in store at Sycamore Grove!

First of all, throw out that old rule that says Thanksgiving has to be orange and brown.

This year, I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving.

I'm excited to share my #fallhometour with you today! I think you'll like it.  Click the link in the profile to see my home and then be inspired by all the homes on the #findingfallhometour blog hop including: @findinghomefarms  @thistlewood  @frenchcountrycottage  @inspiredbycharm @atthepicketfence  @ellaclaireblog  @zevyjoy  @julieblanner  @fourgenerationsoneroof  @stonegableblog  @jeanneoliver

One thing will not change; the meal is the star of this party. So the table is key. We have a similar dining set in stock now. Just remove sailboat and insert white pumpkins.

Elena 6 Piece Dining Set


Let's talk more about those pumpkins. They deserve a place at the table, and not just in the pie. Grouping white gourds in a low container showcases some of autumn's natural beauty.

Elegant ways to add Fall to your home

If you have a long box or low vase at home, you're already halfway there in making this arrangement. If not, we have these great rustic trays in stock now.

Last tip: Please don't worry about having plates for every occasion. Break out your nicest white plates and a set of cloth napkins. A neutral gray will look great with that centerpiece you just made.

2 Ways to Impress Without the Stress For Friendsgiving - Discover, A World Market Blog

We have dinner plates, chargers, and gray plaid napkins and table runner in store. Maybe you saw the unboxing in our Instagram stories last week? (Side note: These hedgehogs are nesting measuring cups. And yes, you need them.)

But the point of this post was to show you the easy transition, right? The day after Thanksgiving, all you have to do is take away the pumpkins and put out the trees and stockings. You'll still have plenty of time to stand in line for a PlayWiiBox47, or whatever is cool this year.

We have stockings and trees (and lots of other goodies) ready to take home. Your transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas really can be done in a day!


If you enjoyed these inspiration pictures and real life photos of Sycamore Grove, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy all those blessings in your life!