Before and After

For my previous blog posts, I have focused on products that I have in my shop, Sycamore Grove. As a registered interior designer, I love helping people put together a beautiful home.

But homes are not the only place that need good design. Businesses do too! Good layout, functional spaces, and soothing colors are just as important for where you work as for where you live. After all, you spend just as much time there.

For the past few years, Jasper, Alabama has been going through a downtown revitalization. I love seeing all of the changes coming to my hometown, and to have been a part of several, such as Warehouse 319, Byars-Wright Inc., FUMC,  and eventually my own storefront.

Now I've had the opportunity to help another space reach it's full potential. I can't wait to share it with you! These pictures are of an office that needed an entirely new plan to suit the needs of the business.

First, let's take a look at what it was before. Just an empty space.

This picture shows some progress. Walls are going up, doorways framed out, and it is starting to take some shape.

This is another before view. Notice the filled in original windows. Not great for functionality.

These are new windows going in the original frame size. These large windows will let in tons of light, which is great for a working office.

Interior design is about more than picking out tile, wall color and art. It's about planning. As a designer, I work with the client to create the best look and function for the space. These were some initial rough sketches as we worked on space planning together.

These laid the foundation for the final plan shown below. These become the instructions for the carpenters, plumbers, and all other contractors that work on site. I also must refer back to them regularly throughout the process.


Once the plans are finalized, it is then time for finishes.

Here are samples of the finishes that I helped the select for this office. The cool colors paired with the warm wood tones will give it the vintage, yet modern feel that the client requested.

For the final tour of the space, I made a video. It's like walking through it together.

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